Sunday, February 15, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 15: Blast from the Past

Day 15: I heart...
Mixing the old with the new

This generation definitely has the coolest stuff ever, and I am happy to jump right in and take advantage. I don't understand people who feel like life was better without technology. Seriously? Do they remember the days where we had to leave notes for each other because we couldn't text? And when we had to use pay phones? And we couldn't look up addresses on the internet? And we couldn't pay at the pump?

I am aware that our innovations and progress have tripled the pace of our lives, but I still believe, with all of our conveniences and ability to communicate, that this is a better day.

But in the same breath, I'll admit that every generation has contributed things that should not be overlooked or forgotten. From my Grandmother's generation, it is Frank Sinatra. From my Mom's generation, it is Elvis Presley. And from my generation, it's... well, there's a whole list that includes The Electric Company, Dukes of Hazard, and Pac Man.

I want ChellBell to seize every ounce of progress from her generation, but I want her to enjoy some of the things that I grew up with, too.

My new friend Jen over at Tater Tots & Jello introduced me to Hulu, my new favorite site, where we can download movies and TV episodes for free. ChellBell and I spent some time on Hulu today, and I introduced her to (drum roll, please) The Partridge Family. We sat and watched an episode of The Partridge Family on our computer -- what a great collision of the generations. There were a lot of parts in the show where she had that "huh? I don't get it..." look on her face, but when David Cassidy aka Keith Partridge started singing, she was as enamored as I was at her age. If I could only get some old Donny and Marie episodes as well...

I tried my hand at introducing ChellBell to Bewitched, but she quickly pointed out that there was no color on the show and got up, went to her room, and got on Webkinz while I sat there wiggling my nose just like Samantha, hoping, like I did at 7, that it would actually work.

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