Thursday, February 12, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 12: Her crafty ways

Day 12: I heart...
The Valentine Box

And this one will be full of Valentines by the end of the school day tomorrow. 
(eek - how exciting!)

ChellBell and I started our project with a box and some supplies
And a little cutting action

 To yield some hearts for covering the box

We rested for a few silly moments

And then got to work to make this

And now ChellBell has a super-cute Valentine box 
and lots of fun goodies to take to school tomorrow

Including this fun little shovel for the best 2nd grade teacher ever

I could just squeal!


  1. Hi Christie! Wow - what a cute valentine box! And I love that little shovel. Sooo cute!!! I am addicted to mod podge - it is so great!

    Have a great night!!!


  2. E and I had this conversation today--how Aunt Christie does all these cool things for Chel, but I can't seem to find time to do anything! Case in point: N gets in the car this morning with a kleenex box from the trash; he had stolen some squares of origami paper from E's room and taped them to the box so he'd feel like his box was decorated. I felt SO BAD--I should have remembered! So I told him I'd keep his box but I'd deliver a truly beautiful box before the party. E and I took it to him on our way to get some lunch, and I hope he's happy with it. (I feel so guilty right now!)

    Chell's box was beautiful, and I love the shovel. My children did have breakfast this morning...

  3. Carie, you really should be reading the post about Silly Putty -- you have had a lot on your plate, and sometimes Valentine boxes don't make it to the top of the list... NO GUILT!

  4. I am THRILLED the boys do this at school......I could not handle the pressure!!