Thursday, December 4, 2008

And today makes 88

ChellBell, today you are 88 months old.

Long before the year was two-thousand-and-something, there were actually the nineteen-hundreds. I know that seems like ages ago, but it really wasn't long before you were born that we were in the Nineteens. There are a couple of "nineteen" years that are special to me -- Nineteen-seventy is the year I was born. Nineteen-ninety-six is the year Daddy and I got married. And nineteen-eighty-eight is the year I finished high school. We were the class of '88. So 88 is a really special number to me. It makes me think of being all grown up. Trying to figure life out. Trying to figure out the next step.

It's very suiting that you turned 88 this month, because this has been a big month of you growing up a bit more and trying to figure life out and where you want to go with it.

The most memorable thing from this month for me was watching you get baptized. Oh, the actual moment was really neat, but the inquiries and questions that brought you to that moment will be just as memorable. I am always proud of you, no matter what you do, but my heart did beat a little bit faster, and my smile was a little bit bigger that day, watching you grow one more inch on your spiritual growth chart.

From my own 88 experience, let me give you some advice. When you start to feel all grown up, it's easy to think that you don't need your parents or rules. But I have found that it's just not true. It's easy to think you're too big to play with little kids or to do things that you did when you were younger. And that's not true either.

Whether you're 88 months or 88 years, you be ChellBell. Don't ever let yourself outgrow who you are today because it would be a shame if we lost that precocious, silly, determined spirit of yours.

All my love to you, my C-ster.
Love, Mama


  1. This is so precious. had my cry for the day, wow.

    BTW, I graduated in 1988 too. ;)

  2. Another sweet note to ChellBell!

    Miss you guys MORE than words can say....

  3. That is such a sweet post to your daughter. I loved the advice.