Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eighty Seven

Dearest ChellBell,

We skipped a month, but I'm catching up with month 87. Wow, you're 87 months old. That's really, really old. Unless you compare it to how many months I am, and then it's really, really young.

I'm sitting here watching election results as I type to you, preparing for a historic outcome and a year of change. This is the first election you've actually been able to comprehend, and I appreciate your huge vote of confidence for the Republicans. And I agree that red is a better color than blue and that elephants are better than donkeys. But watching the polls, those two things may not be enough for us this time around.

This is the first of so many switches in presidency and power that you will experience in your lifetime. You'll be pleased with some outcomes and downright nauseous over others. Life will be a constant shift in power here on earth. But thankfully, we don't rest our eyes on whoever calls 1600 Pennsylvania Ave home. We rest our eyes and our hope on the one who calls the heavens his home and who breathed life into each of us. He doesn't draw party lines and isn't dictated by polls.

He is God.

He is Large. And in Charge.

And he does not need the popular vote or the electoral vote to be King.

So, my dear ChellBell, always remember that God is in charge. In everything you do, that will be true. When you are cheering, God is in charge. When you are playing the piano, God is in charge. When you are in karate, God is in charge. When you practice for UIL, God is in charge. At Girl Scouts, God is in charge (and then Miss Lisa comes next). When you are scared, God is in charge. When you are happy, God is in charge.

(Get it?)

That's a big lesson for someone 87 months old. Heck, that's a big lesson for someone 456 months old. But it's the best lesson we could ever learn.

You know I love you, my sweet, with all my heart, and I have no doubt that this 87th month is going to be fantastic and fun!

Love, Mama


  1. What a sweet and true post to write to your daughter!

    Btw, I followed Nancy to your blog.

  2. Hey there! I like your blog! You said great things, God is in Charge--he foreknew who was going to be president from the beginning.
    Fortunately for me, she is just that great of a friend. She is not a certified nutritionist, but has studied nutrition for over 10 years and really knows her stuff, she is also my BodyBlaster teacher at the gym....I think it would be a great business to get into...I love when Dr. Oz does it on Oprah, however, I could never afford it! I'll let her know that she should go into business though!
    By the way, just wondering, how did you find my blog? Just curious!
    Thanks for you comment!

  3. christie,
    thanks for leaving a message on my blog. had to check yours out in return. loved the note to your daughter. fun to be bloggie friends.

  4. Thank goodness God is in charge!! Always love the birth day posts to you beautiful ChellBell!

  5. This is really, really touching, Christie.