Thursday, September 4, 2008

Month Eighty Five

Dear ChellBell,

Whew! You survived the first month of being a seven-year-old, and now you are 85 months old. Wow, and I thought I was old...

This month has been a busy one with school starting and all those spelling words and a trip to the beach and taking timed tests at school and making new friends. You've handled it well, and I am happy to see little glimpses of the "I'm growing up" ChellBell. It makes Daddy and me very proud when you make good choices and think things through.

I'm really proud that you're trying new things. Like those water slides and karate. New things can be a little scary because you don't quite know what to expect. But that's how you learn new things about yourself. Know what's funny? I get a little scared of new things too. So I know how you feel. But here's the important thing -- don't let that stop you. It's okay to be a little nervous. But it's not okay to let it stop you from doing things you want to do.

Just so you know, I'm crazy about you. I love hanging out with you and snort-laughing until no sound comes out. I hope we will always laugh a lot. As long as you're laughing with me, not at me...

Hugs and Kisses to my favorite-ist girl.

Love, Mama

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