Monday, July 21, 2008

The List

After admitting that I have been in a rut (admitting is the first step, right?), I spent a good amount of time thinking about and researching things right here in my own back yard that I have yet to venture out and experience. Fortunately, Dallas offers a lot of great restaurants and ways to pass time. I'm actually pretty crazy about Dallas and am excited to get out of my stuck-in-suburbia-living-in-a-rut season and get into the groove (please tell me you hear Madonna singing when you read that... And if you didn't, you do now).

Check out the list and let me know your additions. I've purposefully left off the things that we've done in our past 12 years as near-Dallas residents, except for a handful of restaurants that are just so amazingly yummy, that every time is like the first time, and they should just stay on the "Spice It Up" list for all time, or at least until they close, as Dallas restaurants have a tendency to do.

I'll report back about our adventures as we cross things off the list. Maybe you can come up with your own list to share?

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