Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Return of the Little Dog

You've been missing the Little Dog, haven't you? I have failed to report his recent and frequent backslides in the efforts-to-cure-his-chewing-up-other-people's-stuff. But here's the summary:

I am now down a pair of black patent sling-back peep toes. Actually, just the one for the right foot.

I am down a Steve Madden black sandal. Just the left one.

Perhaps I could pair the remaining shoes together, although there is a 2" difference in the heel, so walking might be a bit tricky.

My black ballet flats now have no ties on them.

The dog obviously has an incurable need to chew on my black shoes.

Tonight's adventure did not, thank goodness, involve another pair of shoes (seriously, even Nordstrom is getting tired of my replacement purchases). Tonight took the Little Dog to a bag of Jolly Ranchers in ChellBell's room. He ate them all except for the pieces left hanging off his scruffy face. (Can you see the big cherry piece in this picture?)

Remind me why I have kept this dog?


  1. Because you love his sweet personality...when he comes running up to you to greet you when you get home and snuggles up next to you at night!

    Oh wait...I'm talking about my sweet doggie.....does the little dog do this??

    His stories always make me smile- thanks for sharing!

  2. We added up the $ amount of shoes -- just shoes -- that the little dog has cost us in his first year. The total was close to $600. Won't play with a chew toy, but he'll find a shoe to gnaw on any time he has a chance...

  3. Gee, Christie, I think a lot of us wonder why you HAVE kept this dog! :-) $600 worth of shoes? That's more than I spent for all FIVE of us last year.... The doggie would not have lasted at my house. I would probably have him stuffed and mount him on the wall in the game room to show little boys and girls what happens when you eat my shoes and steal Jolly Ranchers!