Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Truth or Dare

There are a lot of things that you don't know about another person until you live with them long enough for them to drop their guard and be themselves. Since I only have a couple of extra bedrooms, and it would seriously take weeks for you all to come stay with me, I thought I'd speed up the process of your exclusive intimate peek inside my life.

If you lived with me, you'd learn:

That I am a procrastinator
That I really do wash my hands every time I go to the bathroom
That I'm not very organized
That I don't really make my own pie crust, but I'll hide the Pillsbury wrapper and say it's from scratch
That I turn on every lamp downstairs at night in case someone were to be walking their dog and look into my house (please return the favor, I love to peek)
That I wash my hair in the bathtub
That I hate it when the chairs aren't pushed in
That I am constantly moving accessories from one room to another
That I can't keep a plant alive
That I love to play the piano
That I am not a very good piano player
That I have to have a napkin in my lap when I eat
That I love American Idol and and call in votes for David Cook
That I have my own Webkinz account
That I sing at the top of my lungs to Kenny Loggins when I am cooking
That I will open a bottle of champagne just because it's Tuesday
That we pray a lot at our house
That I love to fall asleep on the sofa
That I screen my phone calls
That I push the snooze button 3 times in the morning
That I'm still trying to figure out this Mom thing
That I hate to be late
That my feet stink
That I really do love the little dog

And if I stayed at your house, I would learn...?

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