Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Ghost of Christmas-Is-Over-Let's-Hurry-And-Clean-Up

ChellBell has introduced a new saying to our home, one of those that we get really tired of but then find ourselves incorporating into our vocabulary and using on a regular basis -- "______-trapped". If she's sitting between two boys, she is "boy-trapped". If she is snuggled between me and Chris in bed, she is "grownup-trapped". We hear "baby-trapped" and "dog-trapped" and "girl-trapped" and "friend-trapped" at least once a day.

And today I'm Holiday-trapped.

Reading the final words in the chapter of Christmas 2007 (and what a wonderful chapter it has been!) and preparing to start the chapter of the New Year. I'm still not ready to let go of all the emotion and delicious moments of the holiday season but at the same time am anxious to flip the page to 2008 and set goals and expectations for the year to come.

I went to JoAnn's on December 19th and was appalled to see their Valentine's Day merchandise already up on the shelves. I wanted to stand in the aisle and yell "DON'T RUSH US!" But there is this tendency to rush off to the next big thing instead of sitting and enjoying the sounds and smells around us and just living the moment. To always be asking, What's next? Where's the next deal? What do we have planned next? What are we getting ready for next?

Kind of like me and the New Year.

But with as much effort and anticipation that goes into preparing for Christmas, we are owed -- the holiday is owed -- a few days of savoring, a few days of reflecting, a few days of appreciating.

Here's a toast to the holiday, the Holy day, the past 25 days of Christmas memories worth memorizing, and a few more days of holiday cheer, twinkly lights, Christmas spirit, and Peace On Earth.

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