Friday, November 9, 2007


I am a loyal consumer. Once I find a product or store that I love, I'm a regular, and it takes a lot to pull me away. Honestly, I would pay twice the price for something at one of my favorite stores simply because they know who I am when I walk in the door. It turns simple consumption into a shopping experience -- what could be better?

A few of my friends have become loyal consumers at a local restaurant bar after work. They go every day and sit in the same seats waiting for traffic to die down. It is definitely Cheers revisited, just missing Sam and Diane. Instead we have Rene, Roberto, and James. And they always know your name. And they're always glad you came. When you walk in, people cheer and hug and kiss. And you don't even have to ask for your favorite drink -- it's right in front of you by the time you pull up your bar stool. And if you bring a friend, that's even better, because everyone is accepted and part of the group.

Though I am far from a "regular", when I walk in, someone always smiles and says, "It's great to see you! What's been going on?" It's nice to have a forum to hang out with friends, meet new people, talk about business, talk about Faith, talk about family, or not talk at all.

So I just wanted to send some love to my friends who always have a seat waiting for me and have been nice enough to let me into your world.


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