Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pass me that Hammer

This morning I heard a blurb on the radio called "Hometown Hero" where people call in and talk about the impact other people have had on their community. It's refreshing to hear about people caring for people, isn't it?

So when we are inspired by others making an impact, the rest of us have to ask the million dollar question. And don't act like you haven't asked it...

"What is my purpose and how can I make a difference?"

We all have an insatiable need to know the meaning and purpose that was tagged to us when life began. To feel like we've somehow made the world better. To know that our existence is not in vain or a waste of breath.

I am lucky to know a lot of "accomplishers". Entrepreneurs who made their first million before the age of thirty. A surgeon who holds people's lives in his hands every day. An attorney who handles mergers and acquisitions for multi-million dollar companies, and a banker who analyzes the validity of those transactions. Another attorney who defends doctors in medical malpractice lawsuits. A real estate agent with the Midas touch.

Living the extra-ordinary life can pale in comparison to these exciting accomplishers and I sometimes wonder when my big AH-HA moment will arrive, where I finally know, "OH, this is what I was meant to do!" As if the drum roll will sound and everyone will break out into a High School Musical moment of succinct choreography and verse.

And then it hit me. Someone had to build the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria in order for America to be discovered. Someone had to birth and raise Billy Graham. Someone had to introduce Jazz to Louis Armstrong. We don't know much about these people, but they were future-builders. If they hadn't shown up for work, the course of history would have changed.

The truth is that we are all future-builders, critical pieces of the puzzle of life that will keep going long after we are gone. Some may get more notoriety and time at the mic. Others just build. Quietly. Their names never to be known. But their boats are sailed, their children preach the gospel, their pupils make music. And the world is changed.

So for today, I am content to build. I will keep hammering on this bridge, nail by nail. Not knowing who will someday cross.

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  1. Very inspiring. Good writing, keep it up!