Monday, October 8, 2007

IVs and X-Rays and Casts -- OH MY!

Thanks to a cartwheel-gone-wrong, ChellBell got to experience two hospitals, one ambulance, 7 beds (none of which were hers), one surgery, 3 pins, and uncountable doses of morphine this past weekend. Her X-rays showed a compound fracture of the humerus (though breaking it is anything but humorous!) just above the right elbow.

Back in her room after surgery and what the hospital deemed "recovery", ChellBell started complaining about her fingers hurting. Fingers? I expected her elbow to hurt, but not fingers. The nurse explained that it was probably displaced pain -- the source of pain being the break at the elbow, but the actual pain mysteriously manifesting itself in the fingers.

As I recall the past few days of unforeseen chaos and anxiety, I'm amazed at how our friends have been like the extension that took our "displaced pain". Our sweet friends and family -- they have brought more meals, lent more movies, sent more love, and prayed more prayers than one family would ever be deserving of... They have been through sacrifice and inconvenience to make this situation easier for us. Though the "pain" occurred with the three of us, our friends and family were the ones who felt it for us, while we charged through the logistics of unexpected surgery with a six year old.

The heaviest load for a parent is the one you can't bear for your child. I would never wish a parent see their child in pain, but I would wish for everyone a moment of the overwhelming love and community that we have felt over the past 5 days, which came hand-in-hand with misfortune.

Though our words will never adequately thank you, please know that we are learning to be better friends through your stunning example.

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