Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are you there God? It's me, Margaret.

ChellBell is downstairs, and I hear her call to me, "Mama, come here, I need your help!"

And before I can even stop what I'm doing, I hear, "MAMA, WHERE ARE YOU? COME HERE, I NEED YOUR HELP!"

And before I can even make it to the stairs, the message, once again, is loud and clear, "MAAAAMAAAA, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?? I NEED YOUR HELP. COME DOWN HERE PLEEEEEEZ!!"

Sometimes I think talking to God is the same way. Like, I know He's in the house with me, but I call once and don't get an answer, and then I call a little bit louder (as if God can't hear me for some reason?), and then I just get frustratedly obnoxious because I'm not getting an answer or even a response from Him.

Chris and I are pondering a very, very large decision. One that will impact pretty much every facet of our lives. I do believe that we should consult God before making decisions. Our typical decisions like, "Are we going to send Christmas cards to our Jewish friends?" and "What color should we paint this room?" are things that we usually just work out between the two of us. But these big decisions, the life-changing kinds of choices, make you stop and really ask the Big Guy what His thoughts are. And it can be frustrating when I call to Him, and I don't get an answer. Just Quiet.

But what ChellBell didn't know was that I was making my way to her. Because she's my girl, and I love her, and when she asks for help, I want to be there for her. And I'm glad she called to me.

So maybe God's footsteps are quiet as He's coming near to me. Maybe I'm calling so loudly that I can't hear Him approach. Because, think about it, I'm His girl, and He loves me, and when I ask for help, He wants to be there for me. And He's glad that I called to Him.

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