Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rise and Shine!

Mornings are hard at our house. Honestly, we have not a single person who enjoys the morning living under our roof. But it keeps coming (thankfully, I suppose), and 5 days a week it looks like this: 6 AM the little dog barks because he's awake and needs to pee. 6:01 AM the big dog barks because it's not fair if the little dog gets attention if he doesn't get in on it too. 6:05 I act like I'm dead asleep, and Chris mutters that he's going to give the dogs back. 6:15 both dogs are howling and I yell at the dogs that I'm sleeping and that they need to hold it. 6:17 both dogs make it known that it is time to start the day and that if I don't do it now, my day will start with cleaning up a big mess on the carpet. So I get up. And Chris pretends that he is dead asleep. ChellBell sleeps through it all. Give her a year -- then I'll give her the "big girl responsibility of taking care of the dogs, because you are so grown up now."

Around 7 AM, it's time for ChellBell to get up. She pretends to be dead asleep, but bribing her with Pop Rocks will get her to jump out of bed and get dressed in no time. (Really Moms, you should try this!)

Not being fond of Pop Rocks myself, I have been on a mission to find something to bribe myself with in the mornings. Well, friends, I am excited to tell you that I have found it. I found the CHI. The CHI flat iron. The promise of starting the day with straight, silky hair with very little effort. How has my world of big, humid, high-maintenace hair existed without the CHI for this long? This is a Nobel-peace prize contender. I can honestly say that since my discovery, it has been like Christmas morning, and there is a little spring in my step at 6 AM as the little dog starts to bark...

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